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Frequently asked questions

When should you call us?

Before the disposal of insulant, because of the inequality of flooring concrete. We can determine the thickness of insulant and the estrichbeton thickness.

Shall I lay the concrete,before the plastering or after ?

The engineer and the electrician chisels the walls and these pipes run on top of the flooring concrete, so it's worthy to prepare the protection beforehead the estrich concrete.

What is the minimum thickness of the estrich concreting?

4,5 cm, but we can reduct it. We extract this in an other question in detail.

How large concrete surface can we prepare in a day?

In case of one machine We can prepare daily 150 sqm handmade/mechanical smoothing. Of course this can be increased with every single day, since the first workday contains the preparations.

What's the significance of the edge insulator?

Like the all concrete the estrich concrete shrinks and expands too, tehrefore of this edge insulator we fix a foam stripe onto the wall, what is used for the case of the shrinkage and enlargement, and protects against the knocking sound. At underfloor heating rooms we relieve it with 1 cm edge insulator since the concrete's hot enlargement is bigger due to the heating. At rooms without heating we use half cm edge insulator, since the hot enlargement is smaller.

Are we laying concrete under 0°C?

Till -5°C we are laying concrete since the concrete does not harden under this, but this can be possible even to - 15°C  with the application of chemicals and hot tempering.

When will the estrich concrete be passable and burdened?

At 20°C in 2 days.
Between 20°C and 5°C in 3 days
Between 5°C and - 15°C in a week
It may digress, since everything depends on the thickness.


When can I put the cold or the warm casing onto the estrich concrete?

The cold casingunits in 1,5-2 weeks. The warm casing at least 28 days, recommended 1,5 months to wait, because awter that time the concrete won't not influence the casing.

How long does the full concrete bandage time takes?

28 days or more, depends on teh weather. Under 0°C we need to wait for one and a half months until the disposal of the warm casing.


What do we call thread strength concrete, and when we are useing it?

We apply the thread strength concrete if the thickness of the insulation is thicker, than it's flooring concrete. The thickness of the concrete is starting from 3 cm and the be maximum 4 cm, since the splittings are hampered by the thread strengthening we recommend this in special cases.


Do we undertake insulating investing?

Yes, of course. In the underfloor heating - and without underfloor heating rooms, we undertake revealing the cards. Of course the mending of the underfloor  we do not undertake.


Is it necessary to do the follow-up care at estrich concrete?

No, it's not necessary, since we work with a chemical that insures the moistness both for follow-up care, and the conrete too.

Can we reduce the time of full drying?

Yes, we can even decrease the drying time to 8 days. We suggest to use it at floor rooms, as the deadline hurries. Since the price of this chemical is higher rather think ahead!


What do we call enlargement gap and what's the aim of the cracking collector?

We usually use it at places bigger than 35 sqm. In smaller rooms we place it near to the partition and a doorway occupy a position away. This falls into the direction of the doorway in all cases.

What is the maximum distance we can work?

Distance: 150 meter
Height: 9. floor


Do we smooth both with a hand and a machine?

Yes, of course. If the client claims the 0,8 construction, which is much stronger  and more lasting - we smooth it with hand. If the client wants the 0,4 construction - we smooth it mechanically which is more inferior quality, but does not differ from the 0,8 construction in a price. We entrust the decision to the clien.


Do we undertake the estrich concreting without material?

Yes, if the client guarantees that he would order the same quality substance, we constructors have suggested. Of course the pledge price decreases by the price of the substance.


Do we undertake weekend working?

Yes, on Saturdays. If it is urgent to start a work, and the surface of the concreted area can be finnished in a workday.