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Estrich concrete

The estrich concrete is made of classified gravel, cement stirred on the spot, with addition of a chemical additive. Budapest and within his district of 30 km, we can make an estrich concrete with a thickness of 5-6 cm, the wage (with material) of concrete manually filler 3500 HUF/sqm. If the estrich is thicker than 7 cm, then the price increase with 10% with each cm. Of course in advance we check with laser leveling the required thicknessof the concrete. VAT is not included in the price. (VAT is 27%)

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Estrich beton

Bag estrich concrete

In a factory got confused forward 0,4 artificional stone, binding agent, which is not cement basis, and the bag estrich is being made with the addition of a chemical additive. The components are secret, because the factory doesn't give them out. So all manufacturer has own bag estrich component.

We suggest using of bag estrich concrete onto those places, where the lacks of space cause a problem (for example: downtown). Our firm undertake bag estrich concrete working without a substance. So we can't provide the material. The wage of until 5-6 cm 1100HUF/sqm, from 6 cm the price increase with 10% with each cm. VAT is not included (25%).

Zsákos estrich beton

Industrial estrich

Erzeugung von den Decken,vom fertigteiltechnikem Beton,von der Plette Hallen,Lagergebäude,Produktslagerräume,Tiefgaragen Erzeugung von obenhärtigtem Fußboden Erzeugung vom Raumbeton und von den Rampen

Ipari beton


Classified gravel, cement transport


Making cellular

Wo die Konstruktion kein großes Gewicht tragen kann,dort wir füllen die Fläche mit dem Leichtbeton auf,dann wir können die Fläche mit dem Estrich Beton decken.Es funktioniert sehr gut als Wärmeisolation und Schalldämmung,und es deckt natürlich die verschiedlichen Röche